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Search Engine Optimization

Today's business climate dictates that optimizing a corporate website is no longer optional: it must be done.  Even the most conservative of internet presence budgets should include some amount for keyword phrase optimization.  This process can be as small as writing targeted titles and descriptions up to powerfully designed and crafted web pages finely tuned for every keyword phrase.

No company can guarantee top search engine placement.  However, Businelle Company does guarantee that we will take your corporate website through a 21-step process and make the best practices decisions regarding search engine optimization.  Equally as important, we will encourage and facilitate monthly measurement and reporting on website performance and recommend any appropriate changes.

Websites are more than pretty marketing pictures tucked away in a closet: NEW CUSTOMERS NEED TO FIND THEM!

Increased Interest in Organic SEO

While PPC costs rise, there is also a trend that no doubt disturbs the engines that offer PPC programs. Sixty-six percent of consumers "distrust" paid search ads. [3] Up to 85% of searchers say they "tend to ignore the paid listings" [4], while 87% of commercial clicks take place "on the natural (not sponsored) search results." [5] Three times as many marketers who outsource the management of their natural SEO to search engine marketing firms and who also participate in pay-per-click advertising recognize a higher ROI from their search engine marketing services than from PPC. [6] These facts, coupled with the fact that Google has recently announced that it will begin to take the relevance of pages into consideration when deciding in what order the ads will appear (which will mean that effective PPC campaigns will need at least some basic organic SEO), point to one obvious result--an increase in the number of companies that investigate organic SEO programs, whether internally generated or provided by outside search engine marketing firms.

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  • Tech workers seek to use Steve Jobs evidence in upcoming trial on no-hire accords -

    The Apple logo is pictured at its flagship retail store in San FranciscoBy Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Four large technology companies should not be allowed to limit evidence about Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a court document filed late on Thursday by employees suing the firms. Tech workers brought a class action lawsuit against Apple, Google Inc, Intel Inc and Adobe Systems Inc in 2011, alleging they conspired to avoid competing for each other's employees in order to avert a salary war. The case, which is closely watched in Silicon Valley, is largely built on emails among top executives, including Apple's late chief executive Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

  • Erdogan challenges social media in top Turkish court -

    Erdogan addresses members of parliament from his ruling AK Party during a meeting at the Turkish parliament in AnkaraBy Orhan Coskun ANKARA (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan applied to Turkey's constitutional court on Friday to challenge the alleged violation of his and his family's rights by social media, a senior official in his office told Reuters. Erdogan's government blocked Twitter and YouTube in March, drawing international condemnation, after audio recordings, purportedly showing corruption in his inner circle, were leaked on their sites. The Twitter block was lifted earlier this month after the constitutional court ruled that it breached freedom of expression, a decision Erdogan has since said was wrong and should be overturned. YouTube remains blocked in Turkey.

  • Retailer Michaels Stores confirms payment card data breach -

    A Michaels arts and crafts store is seen in San Diego, California(Reuters) - Michaels Stores Inc, the biggest U.S. arts and crafts retailer, on Thursday confirmed that there was a security breach at certain systems that process payment cards at its U.S. stores and that of its unit, Aaron Brothers. The company said in January that it was working with federal law enforcement officials to investigate a possible data breach. Michaels Stores said the breach, which took place between May 8, 2013 and January 27, 2014, may have affected about 2.6 million cards, or about 7 percent of payment cards used at its stores during the period. There was no evidence that data such as customers' name or personal identification number were at risk, Michaels Stores said in a statement.

  • Weibo debut highlights complicated dance with Chinese censors -

    Weibo Corporation Chairman Charles Chao speaks during a visit to the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in celebration of Weibo's initial public offering (IPO) on The NASDAQ Stock Market in New YorkBy Gerry Shih and Yimou Lee SAN FRANCISCO/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Weibo Corp executives on Thursday toasted the Chinese social media firm's debut at Nasdaq's New York headquarters. Hours earlier in Beijing, Charles Xue, a Chinese-American venture capitalist and prominent Weibo user, celebrated a different kind of coming-out: his release after eight months in jail. The timing of the two events, though coincidental, highlights the fundamental challenge for Shanghai-based Weibo: progressing from being a microblogging phenomenon in China to becoming an entrenched member of the international social media industry. Now, as Weibo celebrates its warm reception on international financial markets, its conflicts with censors at home raise the question of whether the firm known as the "Twitter of China" may eventually be derailed by government interference.

  • Mt. Gox suitors seek support to save bitcoin exchange -

    Bitcoin themed stickers stand attached to glass doors during the Inside Bitcoins: The Future of Virtual Currency Conference in New York(Reuters) - A group of investors seeking to buy Mt. Gox has launched a website to garner support from creditors of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange to prevent a liquidation of its assets.

  • Google still a top pick for Wall Street, despite mobile ad challenges -

    A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in TorontoGoogle Inc's disappointing first-quarter results left Wall Street unfazed about the internet giant's ability to come to grips with the shift to the fast-growing mobile advertising market. Google shares were down about 3 percent in early trading on Thursday, and at least 12 brokerages cut their target price on the stock. "Despite an expectations-miss quarter, Google remains one of the best-positioned stocks for many of the secular growth drivers in the Internet space," RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney, who kept his "outperform" rating on the stock, said in a note to clients. Of the 46 analysts covering Google, 35 have a "buy" or equivalent rating on the stock.

  • OnePlus One phone and its swappable covers leak out in new pictures -

    OnePlus One phone and its swappable covers leak out in new picturesFormer Oppo exec Pete Lau announced his plans to make "the perfect smartphone" a few months ago, and now the OnePlus One is almost here. Its launch is scheduled for April 23rd, but Android Authority points out these ...

  • Weed greenhouses are so hot right now -

    Weed greenhouses are so hot right nowRiverRock is a marijuana company in Denver, CO, that was founded in 2009 by an enterprising medical malpractice attorney some four years before recreational weed become legal in the state. Today, RiverRock operates two dispensaries, grows its own, and makes edibles, extracts, and concentrates. It used to cultivate all its cannabis indoors ? a quantity John Kocer, RiverRock's CEO, wouldn't specify, but says comprises between 3 percent to 5 percent of the state's $14 million monthly weed market. A year and a half ago, the company shifted a large portion of its grow operations to a 27,000-square-foot greenhouse.

  • One day, this company could let you see your baby before it's conceived -

    One day, this company could let you see your baby before it's conceivedA New York-based startup called Genepeeks is launching a new service this month that uses genetic information from sperm donors and their recipients to create thousands of possible digital embryos ? and learn about what kind of children the pair can make. The product's designed to warn future parents about pairs that lead to high risks for genetic diseases, but a patent granted earlier this year suggests the technology can be used to select for certain cosmetic traits in offspring.

  • AllCast's screen-mirroring magic arrives on Amazon's Fire TV App Store -

    AllCast's screen-mirroring magic arrives on Amazon's Fire TV App StoreBeen putting off sideloading AllCast's SDK to your brand new Amazon Fire TV? Well, friend, your procrastination has paid off. Now, all you have to do to install the casting and screen-mirroring app is download it straight from the Amazon App Store.

  • The Weekender: shaky science, reliable robots, and memorable muzak -

    The Weekender: shaky science, reliable robots, and memorable muzakMike Cheiky's science has gotten big name investors from Google to GE to put hundreds of millions of dollars into his ambitious startups. There's just one problem: his science doesn't quite pan out. Artist James Ferraro's new installation at MoMA PS1 tries to evoke how companies are capitalizing on lifestyles, and he's doing it through some of the most seemingly inane music imaginable: ringtones, hold music, and elevator music. Samsung's Galaxy smartphones are wildly popular, but they've had a lot of criticism levied against them as well: they feel a little cheap, look a little ugly, and don't really pay attention to detail when it comes to software.

  • EFF and Sunlight Foundation come together to build Contact-Congress -

    EFF and Sunlight Foundation come together to build Contact-CongressIf you've never contacted your congress person then you might not realize how difficult our politicians have made it to get a hold of them. There are 535 members of the House and Senate all whom have some arcane contact form on their websites that obscure their direct email address. It's inconvenient for a single person to write a letter to all their elected representatives.

  • Dying grandmother uses Oculus Rift to walk outside again -

    Dying grandmother uses Oculus Rift to walk outside againRoberta Firstenberg had long loved walking outside and caring for her garden. In a bid to give her one more view of the outside world, Roberta's granddaughter Priscilla, a game artist and developer, programmed an Oculus rift to give her grandmother the chance to walk again. As The Rift Arcade reports, Priscilla reached out to Oculus last fall in the hopes of getting a dev kit Roberta could use.

  • We're Ready For Our Robot Poet Overlords -

    We're Ready For Our Robot Poet OverlordsA survey released this week revealed the American public to be skeptical that teleportation, lunar colonies or automated weather control will be achieved in the next 50 years. Yet another sci-fi scenario seemed more probable: Half of us are prepared for the dawn of artworks by computer Picassos, Brontes and perhaps even Baryshnikovs that can pass for human creations. This level of optimism, at a time when robot artistry is still in its infancy, says more about our increasingly cozy relationship with technology than it does about the state of the gadgetry itself. ...

  • Irish school children are building worlds for the Oculus Rift -

    Irish school children are building worlds for the Oculus RiftIf games, wildlife documentaries and virtual strolls in the park aren't enough to validate virtual reality for you, try this one: educational motivation. School children in Ireland have been using a open source version of Second Life to learn coding, 3D modeling and to create virtual spaces of recent field trips. Their most recent project: recreating the monastery of Clonmacnoise and exploring it with an Oculus Rift.

  • Health care site flagged in Heartbleed review -

    FILE - This Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013, file photo, taken in Washington, shows part of the website page featuring information about the SHOP Marketplace. People who have accounts on the enrollment website for President Barack Obama?s signature health care law are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government?s vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed computer virus. Senior administration officials said there is no indication that the site has been compromised and the action is being taken out of an abundance of caution. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File)WASHINGTON (AP) ? People who have accounts on the enrollment website for President Barack Obama's signature health care law are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government's vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed Internet security flaw.

  • Beats Music update lets you subscribe from inside the iOS app -

    Beats Music update lets you subscribe from inside the iOS appOdds are that you weren't riveted by Beats Music when it first arrived, but the streaming service has just delivered a pair of big updates that may give you a good excuse to tune in. For the iOS app, the biggest improvement is visible when you're signing up -- you can now subscribe from within the software rather than heading to the web. The move makes it that much easier to keep the music flowing after your trial is over, and may just help Beats grow its fledgling customer base.

  • Spec Sheet: Toshiba's 4K laptop tries to dominate the high-res competition -

    Spec Sheet: Toshiba's 4K laptop tries to dominate the high-res competitionApple may be responsible for really kicking off the demand for high-resolution displays on all of ours smartphones and tablets, but it's other companies that have taken the idea and ran with it. That's true on laptops too, where everything from Samsung's Ativ Books to Asus' Zenbooks have received super high-res displays that in many cases outclass even Apple's Retina Macbook Pros when it comes to pixels. Now, Toshiba is taking things a notch further, announcing a laptop with a 15.6-inch 4K display that'll be available in the US for $1,499.99 beginning next week. Though laptops with displays that go beyond 1080p have only started popping up recently, they're already offered by a surprisingly wide selection of manufacturers.

  • Ex-Microsoft engineer invents a new machine to help you brew the perfect batch of beer -

    Ex-Microsoft engineer invents a new machine to help you brew the perfect batch of beerHome brewing is rewarding but it?s also often fraught with peril ? if you don?t thoroughly sterilize all of your equipment or if you drop in the yeast while your wort is still hot, it can ruin hours of hard work. Bloomberg Businessweek has written a profile on former Windows engineer Bill Mitchell, who left Microsoft in 2010 to work full-time on PicoBrew, a startup that?s dedicated to take away as many potential pain points as possible for home brewers. Last fall, PicoBrew launched a Kickstarter for Zymatic, its own automatic beer brewing appliance that raised more than $660,000, or more than four times its original goal of $150,000. PicoBrew?s pitch is very appealing to anyone who?s ever tried their hand

  • 5 features an Amazon phone might offer -

    FILE - This Sept. 28, 2011 file photo shows the Amazon logo on display at a news conference in New York. Rumors of an Amazon smartphone reached a fever pitch this week, with several tech blogs speculating that the device could be due out this year. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)NEW YORK (AP) ? A report this week in The Wall Street Journal that Amazon is planning to release a smartphone has prompted industry analysts and technology blogs to muse about what the device might offer.

  • Daily Roundup: Xperia Z2 review, Oculus VR lets a terminal patient travel and more! -

    Daily Roundup: Xperia Z2 review, Oculus VR lets a terminal patient travel and more!You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

  • Now Android fans can play one of the greatest computer games ever on their tablets -

    Now Android fans can play one of the greatest computer games ever on their tabletsOld-school RPG fans still get nostalgic when you bring up Baldur?s Gate, the classic Bioware D&D-based adventure that set the standard for computer RPGs when it was released all the way back in 1998. In fact, the Balur?s Gate series?s popularity has been so enduring that studio Beamdog has overhauled it with improved graphics and features while also adding touch controls to make it easy to play on tablets. Although Beamdog released its Baldur?s Gate: Enhanced Edition for the iPad a while ago, the studio has finally gotten around to porting it to Android, and it?s now available on the Google Play store for $9.99. Although the iPad version of the overhauled Baldur?s Gate received mixed marks for its buggy controls,

  • White House delays Keystone XL pipeline decision indefinitely -

    White House delays Keystone XL pipeline decision indefinitelyDespite passing the State Department's final environmental analysis earlier this year, the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is facing more delays well before developments get underway. In an announcement made today, the Obama White House stated that it is putting its final approval of the project on hold. According to White House officials, the decision to delay the presidential go-ahead comes as Nebraska lawmakers debate whether or not the 1,179-mile pipeline can be built through the state. US District Court Judge Stephanie Stacy overturned a law in February that originally approved the project, stating in her ruling that the law violated Nebraska's state constitution.

  • How the Touch Screen Became So Out of Touch -

    How the Touch Screen Became So Out of TouchThe touch screen -- interface of the future or gimmicky marketing headache? When the first touch screen interfaces came out (at least in a big consumer kind of way) it was in smartphones. Sure there have been other instances of touch screen interfaces (ATM machines, TV remotes, etc.) but no touch screen application has ever become so prolific, so fast, as did the smartphone touch screen. It seemed like overnight we began seeing every sort of tech device coming to us with a touch screen built into it, so much so that the usefulness became very hit or miss. In

  • Nike reportedly killing the Fuelband to focus on fitness software -

    Nike reportedly killing the Fuelband to focus on fitness softwareJust days after Nike announced the launch of its Fuel Lab location in San Francisco to enhance partnerships with other digital services for athletes, there's a report that it's fired much of the team behind its FuelBand wristwear. CNET ...

  • Hide your stash, heat-seeking drones are helping thugs hijack UK weed crops -

    Hide your stash, heat-seeking drones are helping thugs hijack UK weed cropsCriminals are dicks. That much we all know is true. But now these dicks are using heat-sensing drones to pull off "sophisticated" heists of weed farms (yes, that weed) in the United Kingdom, as local paper Halesowen News discovered. Consider this quote from one enterprising crop hijacker:

  • Nike reportedly abandons the FuelBand and lays off its hardware division -

    Nike reportedly abandons the FuelBand and lays off its hardware divisionNike confirmed to CNET this afternoon that the company is laying off people in its hardware division, which makes the FuelBand line of fitness trackers. "As a fast-paced, global business we continually align resources with business priorities," Nike spokesman Brian Strong told The Verge in an email. Citing an unnamed source, CNET reports that as many as 55 people on Nike's 70-person hardware team were laid off on Thursday. The original FuelBand launched in 2012, but Nike was slow to iterate on it.

  • Blizzard?s free Hearthstone card game conquers the iPad -

    Blizzard?s free Hearthstone card game conquers the iPadBlizzard?s new Warcraft-inspired card game soft-launched on iPad in early April, and was released worldwide earlier this week as a free download. However, in less than a day the game took the App Store by storm, quickly becoming the top application in the Top Free Apps charts in many markets. According to data provided by App Annie, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now the No. 1 free app in 38 markets where the App Store is available to customers, including the U.S. When looking at iPad games only, the app is No. 1 in 40 countries. Hearthstone quickly dethroned previous title holders, including Microsoft?s recently launched Office for iPad suite of productivity apps, but also many other free-to-play games. Hearthstone

  • Dutch man's case linked to Amanda Todd -

    Carol Todd fights back tears as she listens during a Royal Canadian Mounted Police news conference in Surrey, British Columbia, on Thursday, April 17, 2014. A 35-year-old man alleged to be involved with the online extortion of Todd's 15-year-old daughter, who committed suicide in 2012, has been arrested in the Netherlands. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck)VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) ? Canadian police confirmed an arrest has been made in the Netherlands in the case of a Canadian teenager who was blackmailed into exposing herself in front of a webcam. The 15-year-old later committed suicide after detailing her harassment on a YouTube video watched by millions around the world.

  • Samsung running out of time against Apple in court -

    Samsung running out of time against Apple in courtBoth sides get 25 hours each to call up, and cross-examine one another's witnesses ? and Samsung's running low. By the end of the day the company had a little under four hours left, time it needs to convince a jury that Apple's infringing on two of its patents. Samsung spent much of this week attempting to pick apart Apple's argument it had copied features from iPhones, iPods, and iPads. That ultimately ended with Samsung's chief attorney pleading (unsuccessfully) with the judge for more time to make its case.

  • Labels claim Pandora owes money for streaming old songs, probably won't get it -

    Labels claim Pandora owes money for streaming old songs, probably won't get itPandora can't catch a break, it seems. Just weeks after the streaming radio service escaped paying higher royalties to songwriters, record companies and musicians have sued it in a New York court for allegedly violating state copyright laws by ...

  • Mt. Gox CEO won't appear in U.S. for questions about bankruptcy case -Mark Karpeles, the chief executive of Mt. Gox, said he would not come to the United States to answer questions about the Japanese bitcoin exchange's U.S. bankruptcy case, Mt. Gox lawyers told a federal judge on Monday. In the court filing, Mt. Gox lawyers cited a subpoena from the U.S. Department of Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which has closely monitored virtual currencies like bitcoin. "Mr. Karpeles is now in the process of obtaining counsel to represent him with respect to the FinCEN Subpoena. Until such time as counsel is retained and has an opportunity to 'get up to speed' and advise Mr. Karpeles, he is not willing to travel to the U.S.", the filing said.
  • Easter weekend flash sale offers PS3 and Vita games for $0.99 -

    Easter weekend flash sale offers PS3 and Vita games for $0.99U.S. PlayStation fans weren?t fortunate enough to receive a big Easter promotion like their European counterparts, but Sony is making up for it with a 99 cent flash sale this weekend, slashing prices on over 25 games on the PlayStation Network. Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that the offer had officially gone live on Friday, featuring PlayStation 3, Vita and PS2/PS1 Classics that will cost you less than a dollar to pick up. The full list follows below. Back to the Future: The Game ? Full Series Blast Factor Braid Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED Crash Commando CTR: Crash Team Racing echochrome ii Everyday Shooter Gex: Enter the Gecko Gotham City Imposters Jurassic Park: The Game ? Full Season Plants vs Zombies

  • SpaceX continues its mission toward reusable rockets -

    SpaceX continues its mission toward reusable rocketsMetamucil One, you?re go for take off. Remember, you will be carrying 40 tons of Metamucil, America?s number one fiber supplement. Since the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, astronauts have been forced to deal with eating food that does a real number on their digestive systems. The launch of Metamucil One marks a major step forward in the NASA astronaut diet. Thank you for your patriotism.

  • Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson -

    Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted NelsonThough he's personally disappointed in the way the World Wide Web has emerged and become integral to our relationship with knowledge, Nelson's influence on the many people who have shaped our digital world is immense.

  • DARPA envisions a smarter, safer autopilot -

    DARPA envisions a smarter, safer autopilotAutonomous aircraft serve their purpose, but there's no question that pilotless passenger flights are a long way off, if they ever become a reality. Still, there's obviously room for improvement when it comes to on-board systems that assist pilots in their duties. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is in the process of creating an advanced autopilot system called ALIAS (yes, another acronym).

  • Private Spies Deserve More Scrutiny -

    Private Spies Deserve More ScrutinySure, the NSA, CIA and FBI deserve scrutiny, but we should devote our attention to the private sector also. Outsourcing has always been a convenient way to avoid accountability.

  • Verizon to finally roll out KitKat for the Galaxy S4 on May 2nd -

    Verizon to finally roll out KitKat for the Galaxy S4 on May 2ndIt?s taken far too long, but it looks like an update to the latest version of Android on Verizon?s Galaxy S4 is finally in sight. Android Geeks obtained a leaked document from one of its readers which points to May 2nd as the launch date for Android 4.4.2 KitKat on the S4, around two months after the roll out began for AT&T and Sprint subscribers. Google has made it clear that the inexplicable update delays will be handled more efficiently in the future, but for now, Verizon customers are dependent on internal leaks to learn about software updates. Android Geeks pointed out that KitKat began appearing on Verizon?s LG G2 this week as well, so hopefully anyone with a recent Android device and a subscription to

  • Facebook's Paper App Gets New Legs to Stand On Its Own -

    Facebook's Paper App Gets New Legs to Stand On Its OwnPaper, Facebook's highly-lauded, but little-used "story" app, got a small update on Friday that allows it to stand apart from the main Facebook app. Before this update, Paper users had to switch over to the main Facebook app to see those functions, undermining the notion of Paper as a Facebook replacement. That small update is important because of Zuckerberg's recent comments to The New York Times, in which he said that the future of Facebook is not in the main Facebook app but in smaller, more specifically focused apps. Thus far, it's being positioned as the Thinking Person's Facebook, full of links to editor-picked stories from higher-quality media outlets and an audience intent on reading. And though the app ranks low on the most-downloaded list, Facebook executives have been pleased with the intensity of its use so far.

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